Act Fast, Support Slow this Christmas

We are thrilled to have teamed up with marine conservation charity Project Seagrass, to create a pair of ‘Sea Tails’ cashmere lounge socks for the ultimate Christmas gift. 

Something that is exquisite with the purpose of being ethical and responsible too.

All profits will go to the charity and each pair of socks sold will allow Project Seagrass to collect, process, and plant one hundred seagrass seeds covering one square meter. 


The ‘Sea Tails’ socks are available as a limited edition, preorder product from now until the end of Nov, delivered for December. All items come gift wrapped and can only be ordered from for £60.

Project Seagrass is a marine conservation charity based in Cardiff, and was co-founded by Dr Richard Unsworth who is also a lecturer at Swansea University.

“When we came across Richard and the Project Seagrass team, we were inspired by the conservation work they were undertaking and how much they had achieved on a voluntary basis.  They are driven by passion for what they do and an expertise in their field of marine life.  Part of our ongoing sustainability agenda at Wild Saint London is to make a positive contribution to people and planet, to be fashion with purpose, making this a pairing of like minded values.

This is such an exciting product to be launching.  These socks are a rich blue like you find along the coastlines, finished with the playful design of a dugong tail, that will bring joy and exceptional luxury to your feet.    

The ‘Sea Tails’ socks combine our passions of sumptuous fabrics and local artisan craftsmanship.  This timeless design will delight year after year, whilst making a difference to global sea life, biodiversity, and climate change. 

People are looking to buy better, to buy more meaningful products.  By creating a not for profit, limited edition, pre-order only product, we address overstocks and waste issues and allow shoppers to make more responsible positive choices. 

Made in the UK in a small family owned manufacturer in Wales, these socks are supporting local artisan craft and communities.”


Seagrasses are flowering plants that live in shallow sheltered areas along coastlines and thousands of species including shellfish, seahorses’ dugongs and sea turtles depend on seagrass meadows for food and shelter.  Seagrass meadows were once common around the UK coasts but over 90% have been lost since in the last century and every hour 2 football fields worth are lost a result of pollution, fertilizer runoff, anchor damage, port and marina building.  Seagrass stores carbon 35 times faster than tropical rainforests and replanting these can make a dramatic difference to biodiversity and climate change.

Like the coral reefs and rainforest’s of the tropics, these underwater gardens are full of life, hosting many animals of different shapes, colours and sizes.  A seabed with seagrass harbours up to 40 times more biodiversity than one without.

Like rainforest’s and coral reefs, these incredible underwater gardens are threatened.  Seagrass meadows provide food and habitat for thousands of species such as shellfish, seahorses, dugongs, manatees, and sea turtles.

Over 30 times more animals live within seagrass compared to adjacent sandy habitats.  Seagrasses occupy 0.2% of the sea floor yet are responsible for 10% of the organic carbon buried in the ocean. Seagrass meadows, mangroves and coastal wetlands capture carbon at a rate greater than that of tropical forests and restoring these will help in the fight against climate change.


All profits from the sale of the ‘Sea Tails’ socks will go to Project Seagrass, meaning that Wild Saint London does not make any deductions for time or design work, allowing for maximum funds to go to the charity. “We are delighted to be able to volunteer our time and skills as part of our commitment towards our sustainability agenda.”

Fabric and Production

All our cashmere is CCMI certified for the authentication of the finest grade of Mongolian cashmere, and high animal and land welfare.

Our socks are crafted, and hand finished in Wales in a family owned manufacturer. All workers have safe working standards and are paid at a living wage or above.


All our items come gift wrapped.
Our note card is 100% recyclable
Our gift box is made from 40% recycled content and is recyclable 
All items will be posted in out in a plant based biodegradable postal bag
Our velvet ribbon is not currently recyclable or recycled, however we hope you are able to reuse it


The ‘Sea Tails’ cashmere lounge socks are available to preorder now until the 30th Nov, for delivery before Christmas costing £60.  This includes gift wrapping, a personal note and delivery; plus each pair sold allows Project Seagrass to collect, process, and plant one hundred seagrass seeds covering one square meter. 

As this is a limited-edition product, we cannot accept any orders for this product after 30th Nov 2020, but you can continue to purchase other Wild Saint London products on our website. 


Find out more:

Instagran: ProjectSeagrass

You can also donate directly to Project Seagrass to support their work at

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