The vast Mongolian sky, overflowing with stars that seems to stretch out for infinity. Their simple, uncomplicated brilliance is mesmerising, almost magical. This is the beauty under which our semi wild Kashmir goats live and roam.

Explore our debut range that celebrates this noble fabric. We are compassionate luxury, for those who seek out quality in fabrics and craftmanship with no compromise on principles.

100% Cashmere Scarf


Lounge Socks


Why we love Cashmere

Cashmere is a natural fabric which has small air spaces between the fibres making it warm without weight, whilst thin cuticle cells on the fibre surface make it smooth and lustrous. These provide insulation and airflow to allow the skin to breath and feel sumptuous against your skin.

It is eight times warmer than wool, allowing for warmth without bulk and heaviness. As a natural fabric, it is better for the environment than any synthetic alternative, as it can be reunited with the earth, or recycled with ease and low energy or chemical consumption.

About our Cashmere

Our cashmere is ethically sourced from the semi wild Kashmir goats living in the cold region of Mongolia, creating the best quality of fibres.

The fleece of the goat are combed during the spring moulting season, cleaned and spun to create cashmere yarns from which our products are made. No goats are killed for cashmere, and we work to the highest animal welfare standards. All our yarns and factories are certified for excellence.