Created in London, with items skillfully crafted in small batch production in Europe, sourcing the highest quality fabrics with care from around the world, our exquisite products are made to delight.


With items inspired by a love of travel and nature in unashamedly lustrous fabrics, Wild Saint is luxury wear that is stylish and decadent.

With an ethical compass that guides all decisions, we are a modern progressive brand to believe in. Indulge and elevate yourself.

Our Belief.

All our suppliers, wherever they are based, provide a safe workplace and meet high standards in areas such as human rights, labour practices, animal welfare and the environment.

Our commitment to ethical trading is fully integrated into our sourcing process. Luxury with a clean conscience


Let us lead you astray, down a path of indulgent fabrics, with our debut range of noble cashmere. Sourced with care and using the highest quality materials, our items are crafted in small batch production with exquisite attention to detail.

Made for Luxury.


Working with highly skilled artisan producers who adopt the best practices around welfare and a fair working wage.

Made with Respect.

Natural Materials.

Using natural materials, dyes, and ingredients that do as little harm as possible to the planet but that also feel sublime against your skin.

We will not compromise on high quality fabrics and care for convenience or cost-savings. Our cashmere is sourced from members of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance or CCMI.

Made with Nature.

Slow Fashion.

Leaving behind the days of naive enthusiastic consumption and replacing them with enduring, timeless styles and pieces for a more environmentally conscious way of living.

Made Slowly

Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide compassionate luxury in enduring styles, for those who seek out quality in fabrics and craftsmanship with no compromise on principles.

Our Vision is to create environmentally and socially compassionate commerce to help build a sustainable and happier world for future generations